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Tonu Aboaba at EPN 3 Deals, 3 Strategies in 3 Months
Tonu Aboaba at EPN 3 Deals, 3 Strategies in 3 Months
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Hi there

How are you? Looking forward to seeing you at our next event

We are extremely privileged to have our June speaker Tonu Aboaba sharing her wisdom and hot tips with you so you can get out of the rat race of life and get some extra income:-


– Fed up with your current job, Working long hours and you have no time, You want to be your own boss or trying to find a way to make extra money but don’t know how

And I can go on with these questions for you to ask yourself ………

This talk is a must for newbie investors who get to see how she evaluates each deal, creates a win-win solution for both sides and more importantly the post mortem – analysing whether the deals actually stacked up and lived up to expectation and the learnings from them.

No excuse YOU CAN DO THIS – Absolutely

Tonu will show you

During the talk she will explain:– how each deal was sourced – what problems the owners had- what win-win solutions were found for the property owner ie why it was transacted the way it was- how each deal was monetized- ROIs – the learnings: positive and negative- whether in retrospect, the deal would be transacted the same way again- above all how mindset is key to “making it happen” in property investing.

AND MUCH MORE …. For Early Bird Discount at £15 (£20 on door) BOOK HERE


DATE: 13th June 2017 – Schedule this date in your diary before something else gets in there!

Marie & the EPN team x

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