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Should I fill in box 17 or box 20?
Should I fill in box 17 or box 20?
By admin In Uncategorized Posted January 17, 2018 0 Comments

Did you have to fill in a claim for Entrepreneurs Relief on gains on unlisted shares and did the software come up with HMRC validation errors? The software provider says you need to put the gains in the other property, assets & gains section of Tax Return to get a result in box 17 and box 20, and not enter the information as unlisted shares in the unlisted shares section of tax return and ensure you provide an explanation in the white space, otherwise file by paper.

Is it sufficient just to have the entries in the Tax Return boxes and some white space disclosure or should the form included in HS275 be completed also and attached to return when filed online?

If your head is starting to ache, put your feet up and call the accountant to sort it out. It is January after all. 

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