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Quick Sale or Slow & Steady
Quick Sale or Slow & Steady
By admin In Uncategorized Posted November 28, 2017 0 Comments

Client has properties in both his own name and ltd company. Properties purchased over many years starting early 1990’s. He now wants out. He is complaining about recent tax changes

Is there any economic merit re selling company shares would be my first question.

Hate to say that from observation it is usually not worthwhile re residential, unless properties are all close together serious players will not want them (expensive to operate with scattered units (adds massively to the work) and the amateurs will not pay a decent price.

Your client ought to evaluate the economics, but very often the slow haul sale of individual properties from the company, even with double tax re exit, is better than the corporate sale.

Accordingly your client needs to first knock up what ifs re the different exit routes re the company as selling individually (especially if residential) will likely elicit a better price (more buyers)

As an example we knocked out 57 flats individually from March 2013 to December 2015, managing the cashflow re rents re the others and never saturating the market (flats were two blocks and could have been sold to institutions, but we received far better pricing selling singly rather than as unum quid), it is slower but tends often to realise more.

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