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The man from HMRC says YES!!!
The man from HMRC says YES!!!
By admin In Property Posted October 30, 2017 0 Comments

My wife and I are thinking of making a business trip next year to have meetings with bankers, brokers, tenants, and tradespeople we have not seen for several years.

Would our business trip expenses, and especially our return air fares from abroad to the UK, be offsettable against income tax? We asked the helpdesk at HMRC and they said YES but it’s not what our accountant said. Whose advice should we rely on?

So now you have to decide who you trust most – your accountant, or some bod on the hmrc switchboard. The HMRC officer I spoke to actually left me on hold for a few minutes to consult a senior colleague before coming back to me and he also said the advice they were giving could and would be added as a note to my self-assessment record for my accountant to access and refer to if required so I gave more weight to their response for these reasons. 

As a word of warning, their notes are likely to read ‘we could not possibly have known the full facts when giving this advice and therefore are not bound by the advice given’.

Did you know that HMRC can’t be sued if the advice is incorrect. If you want to sue someone book an appointment with me or send an email to

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