Accountants for Freelancers from £28+VAT

As a freelancer you may have the freedom to manage your day as you wish, but there’s few hours spare. Anything that can help take a little pressure and time off your schedule will be a godsend. This is why we’re the ideal accountants for freelancers - we take the hassle of doing all that time-consuming bookkeeping yourself.

Are you a freelancer? Here’s how we can help...

We’ve helped thousands of freelancers in different trades with our accounting services which start from only £28+VAT per month.
We know you’re rushed off your feet - so it’s a really simple and quick process. All you need to do is send us your paperwork in one of our purple envelopes, or through the super-convenient Mazuma app. You can have peace of mind that your finances are being taken care of properly, and by money experts who have your business in our best interest.

We’ll also deal with HM Revenue & Customs and Companies House, so you don’t have to.

Freelance accounting services

We feel that your time should be spent growing your business, so we want to take away the hassle of your finances with our award-winning services:

-Monthly account management

We’ll send you your management accounts along with an estimated tax bill and tailored advice every month.


As a freelancer, you’ll be juggling various clients every week. Staying on top of finances is difficult but crucial. Send us the documents and we’ll take care of it for you

-VAT returns

VAT returns forms are filed four times per year. We’ll complete your VAT return quickly, correctly and before the deadline.

-Statutory year-end accounts

When it’s time for those year-end accounts to be filed, we make sure you’ve sent us all the correct documents to HMRC, so you can sleep easy.

-Self Assessment tax return

We deal all your paperwork, ready for your annual returns, helping you to avoid costly mistakes and look for money-saving opportunities.

How you’ll benefit from our freelance accountancy services

Access anytime, anywhere

As a freelancer you won’t be working the usual 9-5. You’ll be reassured to know that you can send your accounts from wherever in the world – so you always stay on top of your finances.

Focus on the your core business

Your time should be split between providing the best service possible and keeping your clients happy. Leave the boring finance stuff to us.

Affordable for your business

We provide quality accountancy services, without the price tag to match. This means you can invest that money into other parts of your business.

Monthly support

Life as a freelancer can be chaotic. Sending us your accounts monthly means you can keep track of your finances easily, and won’t be playing catch-up further down the line.

Got a question? Here are some FAQs which may help.

Why should I choose a monthly accountant?

The nature of freelance life means you never know where you’re going to be next. Having your numbers reviewed monthly means you can regularly receive advice to help make your business more profitable and organised. The risk of missing any deadlines? Gone.

Do you need to meet with my accountant?

Nope – it’s all done online! So you don’t have to worry about squeezing a meeting with your accountant into your day. Once you have your quote and have accepted it via email, you’ll be contacted by us via telephone or email to take the relevant details. As soon as you’ve received your welcome pack, you can start to send your paperwork to Mazuma immediately

Is it even possible to switch accountants?

Yup! Many business owners are under the impression switching accountants will cause them hassle and stress. But fear not! It’s not as difficult as you may think – here’s how it’s done

Will I deal with the same accountant?

You sure will. You’ll be allocated your personal accountant, who will always deal with your accounts, bookkeeping and tax.

We’ve helped small business owners with our hassle-free accounting services for 12 years – so join the gang!